Der Deutschmeisterbund Short English Version
Deutschmeister - Soldier 1890Since its formation in 1696, the DEUTSCHMEISTERBUND has preserved the tradition and history of the Deutschmeister Regiment - referred to as "k.u.k. Infanterie-Regiment Nr.4" until 1918.

As the umbrella organisation for all Deutschmeister associations it serves as a link between the tradition bearer of the Austrian Federal Army and the Teutonic Order (Deutscher Orden) based in Vienna.     

Jägerbataillon Wien 1 "Hoch- und Deutschmeister"
Maria Theresien Kaserne
A-1130 Vienna, Am Fasangarten 2
Commanding Officer: LtCol Stefan Koroknai

Teutonic Order
A-1010 Vienna, Singerstraße 7
Hochmeister: Abt Dr. Bruno Platter

At the moment seven Deutschmeisterunions from Austria, two Deutschmeisterunions from Germany and one from Czechia are members in the Deutschmeisterbund.

Since 1993 the Deutschmeisterbund has awarded honorary medals in four classes, which according to a decree issued 1996 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence can be worn on the uniform of the Austrian Federal Army.


      1. Medal for Service (Vz) 

      2. Honorary Cross (Ek) 

      3. Medal of Honour (Ez) 

      4. Special Medal of Honour (GrEz)

At Dez 2016

  •        188 Medals for Service
  •        139 Honorary Crosses
  •        196 Medals of Honour and
  •        23 Special Medals of Honour

have been awarded.

Two awards have been bestowed on 37 people.

Three awards have been bestowed on 3 people.